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"The Farrelly Way" and How it Makes a Difference

Buying and selling a home is one of the most important transactions of your lifetime and who you choose to represent you will make a difference!   We want to introduce you to “The Farrelly Way” of doing business in Real Estate today.  A truly unique, personal and state of the art way of navigating the real estate market North of Boston.  As the saying goes real estate is local and Farrelly Realty Group is as local as the come. Our agents live work and play in the North of Boston area and can give you a true local perspective and provide insights out of town agents are unable to give.  Our local agents can also help you secure a much better deal and can make your entire real estate transaction move more quickly, thus saving you time and money. More specifically, working with an Farrelly agent will provide you with these extra advantages:

We Work as a Team

When you hire one Farrelly agent, you hire the entire office!  Our team will work behind the scenes to make sure your transaction runs smoothly and all of your needs are met.  Communication is key and Farrelly clients are kept in the loop throughout the entire transaction.

We Know of the Area
Farrelly agents know the most about the area that you are planning to buy or sell in. With our local agents, you won’t have to wait for them to “look up” every single thing about the area. We know the area inside and out, which can make everything move more quickly. We know the best neighborhoods, schools, and amenities close by if you are buying. We also know the average market price and trends of the area if you are selling. Farrelly agents will always have valuable information at their fingertips for their clients.

We have the technology

Just as much of life has become online, a lot of the Real Estate business is now online as well.  Farrelly Realty Group has a powerful online presence.  If you are a buyer you can search our interactive website and learn more about the local area. You can also download our App, which allows you to search privately with out ads or Google tracking.  And for our sellers, our online presence puts you where the buyers are searching.

We are Available
If you are using a local Farrelly agent to help sell your home, they will be able to physically meet up with you more often. This will also make it easier for us to assist you in presenting your home for sale. If you are buying, a local Farrelly agent will be able to schedule showings for you and get you in to see homes more quickly. Meeting up with an agent rather than just exchanging phone calls and emails can make it easier to communicate what you need and can help avoid confusion.

We Follow Up
We will keep in touch with you after your transaction is complete. If you need anything more from us, we will be able to assist you. From restaurant recommendations to the best travel sports programs in the area.  We will also continue to provide key information on your investment.  With a Farrelly agent, you won't have to worry about us vanishing the second that everything is finalized.

We have a Great Network 
Our agents know the other agents in the area and that may play a role in who they feel more comfortable working with if you have an offer on their listing. Due to these relationships, we may know of opportunities that will be coming soon to the market.  We also know great local contractors and other good contacts that could help you with your home during and after the sales process.

 Buying or selling a home is much more than just a real estate transaction to Farrelly Realty Group. Before you choose who you want to represent you, make sure that you are considering all of your options. Look up local real estate agents that specialize in the area that you want to buy or sell in and be sure to call Farrelly Realty Group for our buyer or seller presentations.  We invite to have “The Farrelly Way” be your next Real Estate experience.  We look forward to meeting you!


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