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7 New Year's Resolutions For Your Home

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resolutionsforyourhomeThe new year serves as a perfect opportunity to start fresh and tackle that list of house projects. To help you get started, we’ve gathered seven simple home improvement resolutions to give your house a mini-makeover in 2018.

1. No More Squeaks and Creaks

Every homeowner has those little projects that keep getting put off. For instance, creaky door hinges are an easy fix. Bob Vila offers 3 tried-and-true techniques to silence those squeaks and creaks – including something as simple as a little mayonnaise!

2. Improve Energy Efficiency

Going green does not have to be a big undertaking. While installing solar panels and on-demand water heaters can improve your home’s energy efficiency, little changes can also make an impact.

  • Replace incandescent lightbulbs with compact fluorescents or LEDs that last longer.
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat that will automatically adjust heating and cooling according to a schedule you set.
  • Add weather-stripping to windows and doors to help minimize drafts.

Not only will these quick improvements save energy, but you will also save money! And if you want take it a step further, Mass Save offers no-cost home energy assessments.

3. Say Goodbye to Spots and Stains

If you have kids or pets, stained carpets, couches and upholstery are a given. Investing in new furniture or carpets isn’t necessary; rent a carpet cleaner at your local hardware store or purchase your own. Most carpet cleaners also include attachments that work on couches and upholstery. Be sure to check the tags on the furniture first, use the right type of cleaning solution and always spot test an area before tackling a large stain. It’s also important to note that some types of fabric require dry cleaning or a professional cleaning service – this should be listed on the tags.

4. Refresh and Renew

Sick of that boring beige or “impactful” paint color that’s been in your bedroom for the last 10 years? A fresh coat of paint can liven up a room and give it a new look. Cleaning dirty or stained grout is another small detail that can give your home a fresh look. All it takes is a grout brush and a cleaner suitable for your tile. The Spruce recommends a variety of cleaning formulas.

5. Get Organized

Kitchen clutter can creep up on anyone, especially if your kitchen is on the small side. One culprit is food storage containers. Take time to sort through all of yours and recycle any without a matching top or bottom. Spices can also quickly take over your cupboard. Throwing out expired spices, consolidating multiple versions of the same spice and investing in a spice rack will buy space and help you get organized. And if decluttering is just not enough, try these hacks from BuzzFeed to maximize storage.  

6. Enhance Your Curb Appeal 

With a foot of snow on the ground, outside projects may seem like a pipe dream right now, but spring will be here in just a few short months. Be ready to hit the ground running by putting together your exterior projects list before the snow melts.

  • Is your front door in need of some restoration?
  • Does your mailbox need to be cleaned or replaced? Is the house number faded or worn? Would the post benefit from fresh paint or should it be upgraded?
  • Do your outdoor fixtures need some love? Those doorknobs, doorbells and door knockers are exposed to the elements and can really take a beating.
  • Do you have cracks in the walkway or driveway that need to be filled in?
  • Does your fence need a fresh coat of paint? Do gate doors open and close easily or does the gate hardware need some lubricant?

7. Do A Clean Sweep

With colder than usual temperatures and a few months of winter to go, your chimney will certainly need some attention this spring. While it’s recommended that you leave the bulk of the dirty work to a professional chimney sweep, there are a few things you can do to educate yourself before engaging the professionals. Some tips from the DIY network include:

  • Check the bricks and mortar to make sure they are intact.
  • Remove the chimney gap and check the flue liner for damage or obstructions.
  • Look up the flue liner to look for creosote buildup.

Cheers to 2018! Here’s to making your home cleaner, more energy efficient, and even more beautiful in the new year.

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