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Is Summer 2021 the start of a Real Estate Bubble?

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Our agents out in the field are seeing bidding wars, offers well above asking price and buyers willing to waive all contingencies to get the house of their dreams!  Our office even saw one home have an offer  $150,000 over asking price.  Crazy right?  It does raise a lot of questions.  The most frequently asked question is… Are we in a [...]

Should you rent or buy?? FRG tells you the pros and cons

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Owning vs. Renting?

The pros of owning a house are generally:

  • More space.
  • More freedom to do what you want, without criticism from a neighbor or your landlord, like being able to remodel the kitchen.
  • It is an investment. You will not make money on your rental payments. After years, you probably will on those house
  • [...]

Should you buy a new or existing home?

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In 2021, both new AND previously owned homes are scarce!  Inventory is low and demand is incredibly high.  This dynamic is making buyers jump at available homes when they come on the market.  Being prepared and knowing what type of home you want to purchase can put you in a better buying position when the [...]

Could rising home prices effect your net worth?

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Learn how to determine your current net worth and how an investment in real estate can help improve your bottom line.


Among its many impacts, COVID-19 has had a pronounced effect on the housing market. Low home inventory and high buyer demand have driven home prices to an all-time high.1 This has given an unexpected financial boost to [...]

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